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The personal background to his own research in Britain, presented in 1969 with some references to European survivals as well as the published collections of the Opie's and Lady Gomme. Father Damian comments on Oral Tradition and how the games are passed on and change in the process. There are 18 music tracks by way of illustration, ending with his English translation of a Sardinian singing game, which, as an experiment, he planted on some Lancashire kids to see how long it might survive.

1. WE'VE COME TO SEE OUR JANIE JONES rec St Joseph's Juniors, Nelson, Lancs, Feb 1969 - 0.48

2. Introductory talk: JUST ONE MORE DANCE rec St Mary's Juniors, Leyland, Preston, Lancs, March 1964 - 7.40

3. Example of a modern clapping game: EM-POM-PI (first part) rec Leyland, Dec 1968 - 1.06

4. Pop song-dance from USA: THE BOW-LEGGED CHICKEN rec St Mary's Juniors, Chorley, Lancs, Feb 1969 - 1.22

5. Repertoire: HEY, LITTLE LASSIE, WILL YOU HAVE ME ? St Johns Juniors, Windermere, Westmoreland, July 1966 - 3.03

6. Unusual game: MARY MALOGA SHE LIFTED HER LEG Westfield Juniors, Workington, Cumberland, Sept 1962 - 1.06

7. Environment & Survival: THERE WERE THREE JOLLY SAILOR BOYS Dearham Juniors, Maryport, Cumb, July 1962 - 4.30

8. Local variations: THERE CAME A GYPSY RIDING (2 versions) -2.09

9. (cont) THERE CAME A DUKE A-RIDING (4 versions) - 2.25

10. Still popular: ROSY APPLE, LEMON AND A PEAR St Marys Juniors, Leyland, Lancs, Sept 1967 - 0.48

11. Modern games: KEEP THE SUNNYSIDE UP St Annes Juniors, Leyland, Aug 1968 - 2.47

12. Tunes: WE ARE THREE WEE GALLUS GIRLS Moss Park, Glasgow June 1961 - 1.35

13. (cont.) I'M GOING TO KENTUCKY St Annes Juniors, Leyland Sept 1968 - 1.05

14. Parrot copying: I LOST MY LOVE IN THE KERNEY Moss Park, Glasgow June 1961 - 1.33

15. Using old tunes: GREEN GROW THE RUSHES-O St Annes Juniors, Leyland, Sept 1968 - 1.08

16. (cont.): GLORY, GLORY ALLELUIA As previous - 0.49

17. Old games continue: COCK ROBIN IS DEAD St Michaels Juniors, Workington, Cumberland, July 1960 - 2.04

18. Summary: STAND IN THE MIDDLE St Patricks Juniors, Workington, Jan 1962 - 2.24

19. LA SOLITUDINE rec Lotzorai, Sardinia June 1962 - 1.58

Recorded by Damian Webb 1969. Edited by Peter Kennedy and first published on Folktrax cassettes 1975.

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