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Scots Gaelic, sung by Calum and Annie Johnston, Sandy and Mary MacNeil, Mary Galbraith, Mary Johnston, fisherman, Neil Gillies and Mary Morrison, Earsay. Includes original recordings of those sung to Marjorie Kennedy-Fraser which are included in her volumes: SONGS OF THE HEBRIDES. A full range of types are represented here: Fairy Songs, Charms and Mouth-music as well as Songs for Churning, Spinning, Weaving, Waulking, Rowing, Scything and Drinking.

1. BEINN A CHEATAICH (On a misty Mountain/ Kismul's Galley) Calum - 0.43

2. FIURICH AN DIU 'GUS AM MAIREACH Annie (3 v)/ Calum: gives a translation and sings a complete version - 4.05

3. S'A PHIUTHRAG 'S PHIUTAR (Sister, O sister) Annie/ Calum explan - 2.18

4. HO ILLE DHUIN SHANNDAICH (Fairy Sweetheart's Lament) Annie - 2.13

5. FAIRY LAMENT (Story of song followed by song) Annie - 3.40

6. Alan Lomax asks Annie about the fairies - 0.46

7. Charm: CLACH MHIN MHEALLAIN (Little hailstones) Calum - 0.56

8. IAIN GLEN CUACICH (John of Glen Cuaich) Story of song/ sung by Calum - 4.35

9. Mouth-music: ORA CHONNACAIN A GHAOIL (On your feet, my love) Annie - 0.38

10.FAILTE DHRUIM FIONN (Hail to Drum Finn) Calum (talk before) - 3.05

11.Waulking song: ALASDAIR MAC COLLA (Alastair, son of Coll) Calum - 1.22

12.Mouth music: THOIR AGHAILLL AILEAN (Bring Alan over to me) Annie - 1.24

13.NA FAIGHINN GILLE RI CHEANNACH (Love Song of the Blind Bard) Calum - 2.58

14. Scything: NIGHEAN O'S THUSA'S RO TOIGH LEAN (I love the lassies) Mary McNeil (with sound of the scythe as she cuts her meadow) - 1.29

15. Rowing Song: ORAIN IORRAM Neil (fisherman) - 2.05

16. Waulking Song: ORAIN LUADHAIDH Mary Johnston - 1.18

17. (Jacobite hero goes to join the prince) As previous - 1.56

18. Fast waulking (Oran Basaidh): MO NIGHEAN DONN BHIODHEACH (My beautiful brown-haired maid) - 1.05

19. O RO BHEIR MI LIOM AIR AN LUING EIREANNAICH? (O who shall I take with me on the Irish ship?) As previous - 1.36

20. BHAIN IGHEARN (Dairymaid's Song) As previous - 1.58

21. Churning: CADAL CHA DEAN MI SUG (Sleep I will not get) Mrs Sandy McNeil (82) and talk by her daughter - 3.20

22. Churning: HORO CHAN FHUILLAG MI TAIR As previous - 1.48

23. Churning: THIG A CHUINNAIG (Come, butter, quick) (with talk after) Annie - 1.28

24. Spinning: ORAIN SNIOMH (with talk after) Calum - 1.01

25. Spinning (with sound of wheel): ORAIN SNIOMH Mary Galbraith - 1.40

26. Spinning: HORO CHAIL EILEADH (I saw my sweetheart) as previous - 2.00

27. Spinning: BIDH AN DEOCH SEO AR LAIMH MO RUIN (Let this drink be in my love's head) Mary Morrison - 1.05

28. Toasting: BRING THE BOTTLE LET'S DRINK Calum - 2.20

29. RO BHEIL MULAD AN M'EITIUNN As previous - 3.12

Recorded by Alan Lomax in Barra 1951. Edited by Peter Kennedy and first published by Folktrax 1978.

#1. See "KISMUL'S GALLEY" in Kennedy-Fraser vol 1 p80

#2. "WEAVING LILT" in vol 2 p6

#3. see "The Fairy Plaint vol 1 p38 and Kennedy: Folksongs of Britain & Ireland #22 from Flora MacNeil of Barra (FTX-001)

#9. See Kennedy-Fraser vol 4 p16

#11. vol 1 p162

#20. vol 4 p.xi.

Annie and Calum JOHNSTON both contributed songs to Marjorie Kennedy-Fraser's Collections, most of them are in vols. 2 & 3. Other books containing their songs are McLochlainn: DEOCH-SLAINTE NAN GILLEAN (1948)/ J. L.Campbell: GAELIC FOLK SONGS FROM THE ISLE OF BARRA (1950)/ Francis Collinson: HEBRIDEAN FOLKSONGS (1960).

Stories by Annie Johnston & friends: FT-463 THE MAGIC QUERN

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