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Moore Sedgwick of Sedbergh blows the horn and talks about famous local huntsmen - in particular about Joe Bowman. Others singers of hunting songs are John Dalton, Miles Wilson, Peter Morris, Alan Nelson, Harry and Derek Irving of Corney, and Billy Irving of Cockermouth. (Dances from Lakeland are on FOLKTRAX-117)

1. Hunting horn played by Moore Sedgwick, Sedbergh, Yorksh - 0'18"

2. Talk about Joe Bowman 1'06"

3. 2v of song by John Wilse Dalton - 2.29

4. Talk about shepherd's meets - 0'44"

5. JOE BOWMAN - 4v of song by Miles Wilson with Billy Bowman (accordion) - 3'41"

6. THE HORN OF THE HUNTER (talk before) sung by Peter Morris - 2'54"

7. WINDHAM (talk before) sung by Billy Irving - 5'02"

8. THE TENTH DAY OF MARCH (talk after) sung by Alan Nelson - 8'46"

9. AUTHTHWAITE FELLS sung by Alan Nelson - 3'02"

10. BOOTLE FELL HUNT (talk before) sung by Harry and Derek Irving of Corney - 7'36"

11. WE'LL ALL GO A-HUNTING TODAY sung by Miles Wilson with Billy Bowman (acc) - 4'50"

12. SEDBERGH FOX HUNT 1953 (talk before) sung by Moore Sedgwick - 5'51"

13. ESKDALE SHOW (talk before about his father) sung by John Dalton - 3'42"

14. NEW YEAR'S DAY HUNT AT KIRKSTILE sung by Billy Irving with Billy Bowman (acc) - 5'06"

15. THE GAY YOUNG SPARK (talk before) sung by Alan Nelson - 0'57"

16. BILLY BOWMAN'S BAND sung by Jack Bowman with Billy (acc) - 1'45"

17. YOU'LL NEVER GET IN WITHOUT (talk before): Moore Sedgwick - 5'42"

18. Talk about hunting with songs: YE DALESMEN, DRINK PUPPY DRINK, WHEN ADAM WAS FIRST CREATED: Alan Nelson - 7'39"

Recorded by Peter Kennedy 1954. Edited by Peter Kennedy and first published on Folktrax Cassettes 1975.

J Moore SEDGWICK, born 1885, was master of Sedbergh Beagles 1926-31 and followed Lunesdale, Ullswater, Coniston and Bleasdale. His father and grandfather were also well-known huntsmen. He can be heard singing HOWGILL LADS on FTX-410.

John 'Wilse' DALTON, Thirlmere, born 1900, was the son of of the famous Jim Dalton of The Blencathra. His daughter recites in dialect on FT-410.

Alan NELSON, of Lorton rec Brackenthwaite, was born 1890. He was the most prolific singer of hunting songs and can also be heard on FT-410.

Billy IRVING, born 1898, was secretary of the The Hound Trailing Association and was recorded in their offices at Cockermouth.

Billy BOWMAN led the oldest dance band in the area and with his brother Jack played for all the local farm dances and Hunt Balls.


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