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Souling Night is the end of October, just before Hallowe'en. Here's a live recording of the Antrobus Gang with their Hobby Horse, with plenty of interesting talk, giving the background to the custom, together with examples of similar plays from other villages: Frodsham, Helsby and Swettenham, each with their own "nominy" (Recited speech) and songs. Of special interest are the details of costume, and of how they used to steal each other's horses

1. Wilfred Isherwood talks about the Play, his own family involvement, the "Souling Cup" (gin and rum), beliefs and superstitions etc. - 2'29"

2. Ernest Wright continues the talking - 3'34"

3. Wilf Isherwood: A rival gang at Hatton and a story about Belmont Hall - 3'47"

4. Reg Collins: The local Youth Club, his part, details of Horse - 1'18"

5. Introductory SOULING SONG by the Antrobus Gang - 1'28"

6. ANTROBUS SOUL-CAKERS PLAY ("The Nominy") - 9'42"

7. Final Song: MACNAMARA'S BAND - 0'26"

8. Bob Rodgers talks about a similar tradition at Frodsham - 1'22"

9. Bob sings THE FRODSHAM SOULING SONG - 0'50"

10. Bob remembers the Frodsham Nominy - 4'15"

11. Bob Rodgers sings THE OLD FARMER OF NEWTON - 0'38"

12. Bob talks about the tradition - 1'28"

13. Bob: THE WILD HORSE Nominy - 1'43"

14. Bob talks about rival gangs and horse's heads - 0'51"

15. Bob talks about costumes - 2'22"

16. Bob talks about the Helsby version - 0'41"


18. Bob with recitation: DENNIS McCOWAN FROM COUNTY TYRONE & talk about local field names - 2'21"

19. Bob with song: EEDY ADDY ADDY-I-O 1'49"

20. Matthew Hollinshead: THE SWETTENHAM SOULING SONG - tune played on melodeon 0'36"

21. Matthew sings the song (unaccomp.) 4'38"

22. Talk including the Horse's Nominy 3'25"

23. Matthew sings the song (with melodeon accomp) 4'38"

Tracks #1-7 recorded by Peter Kennedy at Antrobus October 30-31st 1954. Tracks #8-19 recorded at Frodsham by Peter Kennedy, November 1st 1954. Edited by Peter Kennedy and first published on Folktrax Cassettes 1975.

THE ANTROBUS CAST: Letter-in: George Collins (Age: 33)/ King George: Anthony Lynsky (38)/ Black Prince: Leonard Plant (47)/ The Old Woman: Ernest Wright (40)/ Doctor Tom Brown: Jim Wright (36)/ Little Dairy Doubt: George Cross (22)/ Beelzebub & Leader: Wilfred Isherwood (51)/ The Groom: Reg Collins (23)/ Wild Horse: George Prescott (24)

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