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ZIGGURAT - Devonshire Folk Rock

Steve Verge and Dave Styles teamed up at their Devon Grammar School, playing both folk and contemporary with guitar, and writing their own songs. For this recording by Peter Kennedy in 1974 they were joined by John Wills, playing electric guitar, bass and bouzouki as well as providing electronic effects. Here they are joined by Steve's father, Ted, a traditional jazz and Grapelli-style fiddler and by their guest, Dave Smaldon, playing Appalachian dulcimer.

1. THE MUSICAL PRIEST (Trad Reel Instrumental): TV (fiddle), DS (guitar), JW (bass) & SV (drum) - 2.33

2. RABBIT HILLS (comp Mike Chapman): SV (vocal & gtr), DS (vocal & gtr) & JW (elec gtr) - 4.02

3. MOORLAND RIDE (comp Smaldon): Dave Smaldon (dulcimer) - 1.37

4. EGLOSHAYLE RINGERS (Trad coll Baring Gould): DS (voc), SV (vocal), TV (glockenspiel) & JW (drum) - 2.24

5. IN THE LONG LONG NIGHT (comp Styles): DS (voc & gtr), SV (gtr & bass) & JW (bongoes) - 3.40

6. SWEET GEORGIA BROWN (Pinkard): TV (fid), SV (gtr), DS (gtr) & JW (bass) - 2.48

7. WISH HOUNDS (comp Styles): DS (voc & gtr), SV (voc & percussion) & JW (effects) - 4.33

8. JIGGED HARE (medley of trad air, jig, triple jig & reel arr by TV): TV (fiddle), SV (mandolin & drum), DS (gtr & drum) 7 JW (bouzouki & bass) - 5.44

9. BRIGHT MORNING STARS: DS & SV (unaccomp) - 1.56

10. SPACE ODDITY (Bowie): SV (voc & gtr), DS (voc & gtr), TV (fiddle) & JW (elec gtr) - 3.57

11. 'S WONDERFUL (Gershwin) Instrumental: TV (fiddle), SV (gtr) & JW (bouzouki) - 2.58

12. SWAN OF THE WEST (Kennedy-Fraser): SV (voc & gtr), DS (Tenor recorder) & JW (glockenspiel) - 2.34

13. WEAR A SMILE FOR ME (comp Steve Verge): DS (voc & gtr), SV (voc & mand), TV (fiddle) & JW (vocal & bouzouki) - 2.30

14. SPRING SEASONS (Roger Nicholson) Dave Smaldon (dulcimer) with SV (gtr) in 2nd part - 2.00

15. SEAGULLS CRY (Styles): DS (voc & gtr), SV (sitar & shakuhachi) & TV (fiddle) - 3.50

16. YTIDDO ECAPS (Eiwob Divad): as #10 - 3.57

STEVE VERGE, 21, met Dave Styles at Newton Abbot Grammar School. He studied Art at Torquay and Bromley Art Colleges. On finishing the course he decided to help build the Chudleigh By-pass and became a workman. His musical interests range from Japanese traditional to Roxy Music and includes almost all types of musical sounds.

DAVE STYLES, 20, went on to University College in London where he studied Astronomy and played the London Folk Clubs. Musically he admires the Incredible String Band, Peter Hamill, Donovan, the Chieftains, Jackson Browne, Stravinsky and the Kinks.

TED VERGE, 54, played double bass in jazz bands for 30 years and then started playing again about 1968, Grapelli-Venuti jazz standards to Irish jigs and reels. He has also written his own dance tunes and his tastes are directed towards different types of fiddle music.

JOHN WILLS, 25, used to play lead guitar in a rock group called Lypidzana. He now works for an electonics firm and has put together Ziggurat's PA system. He particularly enjoys Led Zeppelin, Amazing Blondel, Yes and Black Sabbath among others.

DAVE SMALDON, 19, is studying Botany at Newcastle University and has a preference for all kinds of dulcimers, Northumbrian music and the Chieftains.

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