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We are grateful to Mona Douglas for her important collecting work in Man, and here she talks about and sings 6 of the songs she rescued. The rest of the music, a varied selection of 20 items, songs, some with sung translations, dances & customs, are introduced by Winifred and her brother, Joe Woods, with harmonica. These are the original recordings of the songs #73-84 in the book FOLKSONGS OF BRITAIN & IRELAND edited by Peter Kennedy (Cassell/ Schirmer 1975 paperback by Oak 1985 and distributed by Music Sales). It won the Library Association McColvin Award for the most outstanding reference book of 1975. It contains the full texts, translations, music notations and background information on the songs.

1. MONA'S DELIGHT - Manx folkdance (hornpipe) played by Joe Woods (harmonica) - 0'32"

2. ARRANE Y BLIEH (The Grinding Song) [#73 in book] Mona Douglas (talk before) - 1'35"

3. TOM THE TAILOR Joe (harmonica) (talk before) - 0'40"

4. ARRANE Y LHONDHOO (The Song of the Blackbird) [#74] Mona (talk before) 1'55"

5. THE MANX COURTING DANCE Joe (harmonica) - 1'22"

6. ARRANE NY NIEE (The Washing Song) [#75] Mona (talk before) - 1.38

7. THE FAIRY REEL Joe (harmonica) (talk before) - 1.00

8. ARRANE NY SHEEAGHYN TROAILTAGH (The Song of the Travelling Fairies) [#76]: Mona (talk before) - 2.24

9. THE WIDOW'S HOUSE or THE CUTTING OF THE TURF Joe (harmonica) (Talk before) - 0.44

10. ARRANE NY VLIEAUN (The Milking Song) [#77] Mona (talk before) - 1.26

11. HELG YN DREEAN (Hunt the Wren) [#78] Joe & Winnie Woods - tune on harmonica/ English version of song (15 vs) with talk about the custom - 3.24

12. HOP-TU-NAA [#79] Joe: tune on harmonica & song by Joe & Winnie with talk about custom by Winnie & Joe - 3.24

13. NY KIRREE FO NIAGHTEY (The Sheep are neath the Snow) [#80] Joe: in Gaelic, 1v in English - 3.16

14. SHIAULL ERSOOYL (Sail Away) [#81] Joe talks about fishermen's beliefs then song by Joe & Winnie performed as a round - 2.19

15. SNIEU, QUEEYL, SNIEU (Spin, wheel, Spin) [#82] Winnie gives English then Joe performs song in Gaelic - 1.23

16. TE TRAAL GOLL TRIE (Time to go home) [#83] Joe & Winnie (2 vs Gaelic) - 0.50

17. REEAGHYN DY VANNIN (The Kings of Man) Dirk Dance Joe (harmonica) - 1.51

18. TROILLT Y VOIDYN MOIRREY BANNEE (Journey of the Blessed Virgin Mary) [#84] Carval (carol) Winnie (3 vs in Gaelic/ talk before) - 1.53

19. YN GULLEY HESHEREE (The Ploughboy) Long Dance Joe (harmonica) & talk after - 0.59

20. GEAY JEH'N AER (The Sea Invocation) Joe talks, song in Gaelic, then in English by Joe & Winnie - 3.10

21. BERRY DHONE (Brown Berry) Joe talks & song in Gaelic, then in English by Joe & Winnie - 2.49

22. NY CAILLYN VEG DHONE (Little Brown Bird) Joe talks & song in Gaelic, then in English by Joe & Winnie - 3.27

23. USHAG VEG RUY (Little Red Bird) Joe talks then song in Gaelic, then in English sung by Joe & Winnie - 4.00

24. CAR Y PHOOSEE (The Wedding Reel) Longways Dance: talk & tune on harmonica by Joe - 0.48

25. THE WEDDING SONG: Joe (talk & song in English) - 5.38

26. PETER O TAVEY Wedding Dance: Joe (talk & frag of song followed by tune on harmonica) - 2.31

Joe Woods and his sister, Winnie, were recorded by Peter Kennedy in London in 1965. Mona Douglas recorded herself at home, Thie-ny-Garee, Laxey, I.O.M. 1968.

Edited by Peter Kennedy and first published by Folktrax 1975. See also "Songs of Mann" with Joan Owen on Folktrax 422)

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