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JIM COUZA - Hammered Dulcimer

Besides 20 songs, airs & dance-tunes, Jim Couza demonstrates just what this unusual instrument can do, sharing his own personal stdiies and experience: the history of the instrument, the types of music that can be played on it, techniques of chording & rolls, the different types of beaters, tuning, spare strings and contemporary makers and players.

1. WHEN THAT I WAS WEE-WEE BOY followed by 2 American fiddle tunes: LIBERTY & FORK-ED DEER (talk before) - 4'10"

2. ANGELS HOVERING ROUND (Folk Hymn) (talk bef) - 5'47"

3. CHORUS JIG (3 part reel) & HORNPIPE (New England Country Dance) (talk bef) - 4'09"

4. TIME HAS MADE A CHANGE (Folk hymn) Unaccompanied (talk bef) - 5'02"

5. JOHNNY GET YOUR HAIR CUT & THE FLOWERS OF EDINBURGH (collected by Samuel Bayard from Sarah Armstrong, Derry, Pa. 18/11/43) - 2'41"

6. THE PEEKABOO WALTZ (talk bef) - 2'29"

7. PEEL THE CARROT & STARRY NIGHT FOR A RAMBLE (Jigs) (talk bef) - 2'49"

8. NONESUCH (Playford's Dancing Master) - 1'36"

9. Talk about history, players and makers etc. - 4'09"

10. Talk about techniques of playing, chording and accompanying songs followed by THE WATER LILY - 7'02"

11. Talk about Ragtime, Irish music, Classical and Renaissance Music, using felt-tip hammer with examples from Bach, Pasimedo di Geogio, Cesar Franck & MINUET IN G - 8'13"

12. Talk about using soft hammers for jazz etc. - 1'36"

13. Talk about tuning: piano, tuning-fork (A) & electric tuners - 2'46"

14. Talk about himself, Englsh instruments & good makers - 5'55"

Recorded by Peter Kennedy at Folktrax Studio, Portishead, Bristol July 1972.

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