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FTX 902 - LOMAX - UK - USA


Recorded & introduced by Alan Lomax The commentary by Alan Lomax was miked "off the air" in 1960 from a British broadcast setting out to show "The Pioneer Strain" and "American Mountain Music" with its origins deeply rooted in the music from Britain and Ireland. Included are "Bluegrass" instrumentals, the sound of the mouth-bow and some of the sacred traditions of Baptism, Shape Note and Sacred Harp Singing Among those featured are outstanding performers: Estil and Orna BALL, Horton BARKER, Texas GLADDEN, Uncle Charlie HIGGINS, Neil MORRIS, Bill MUNRO, Almeda RIDDLE, Hobart SMITH, Wade WARD.

1. YOU OLD BLIND FOOL Cuckold Song by Horton Barker (unacc) - 2'38"

2. THE FARMER'S CURST WIFE sung by Estil C.Ball(with guitar) - 2'46"

3. THREE LITTLE BABES sung by Texas Gladden - 2'23"


5. SOURWOOD MOUNTAIN played by Hobart Smith (fiddle) - 1'39"

6. PARSON BURRS sung with guitar - 2'42"

7. FLY AROUND, MY BLUE-EYED GIRL played by Hobart Smith (piano) - 3'12"

8. .DOWN IN THE WILLOW GARDEN played by Uncle Charlie Higgins (fid) & Wade Ward (banjo) - 1'31"

9. THE FOX CHASE played by Ward (banjo) with Bob Carpenter (sound effects) - 3'23"

10. BAPTISM SERVICE Extract of ceremony with preacher - 1'24"

11. GUIDE ME O THOU GREAT JEHOVAH at Mount Olivet Regular Baptist Church, Blackey, Kentucky - 2'36"

12. MY LITTLE ROOSTER Farmyard Song by Almeda Riddle (unacc) - 2'29"

13. JESSE JAMES sung by Neil Morris with guitar (talk before & after) - 5'16"

14. THE MERRY GOLDEN TREE sung by Almeda Riddle (unacc) - 6'53"

15. CALVARY rec at a Sacred Harp Convention in 1959 - 2'34"

16. SHERBURNE (as previous) - 0'54"

17. SHADY GROVE played by Bill Monro & Bluegrass Boys - 1'29"

18. SOURWOOD MOUNTAIN played by Hobart Smith (fid) - 1'07"

19. JACK OF DIAMONDS (or DRUNKEN HICCUPS) sung and played by Hobart Smith accomp himself on fiddle - 2'33"

20. THE HOUSE CARPENTER sung by Texas Gladden (unacc) - 3'33"

21. WILLIE BRENNAN adapted and sung by Neil Morris with guitar (talk bef& aft) - 7'08"

22. THE BANKS OF THE ARKANSAS & WAVE THE OCEAN sung and played with mouth-bow & square dance calling by Neil Morris - 2'56"

23. CHILLY WINDS played by Wade Ward (banjo) - 2'22"

24. THE PAPER OF PINS sung by Estil and Orna Ball with guitar - 2'35"

25. PADDY ON THE TURNPIKE played by Uncle Charlie Higgins (fiddle) with Charlie Poe (guitar) and Wade Ward (banjo) - 2'31"

26. TRAIN 111 with the Mainer Family Band: J.E.Mainer (speech & fiddle), Glenn (banjo), Carolyn (Mainer) Helms, Mary & Jim Dillon (guitars), Floyd Overcash (bass) - 2'50"

27. JOHN HENRY sung and played by The Mountain Ramblers of Virginia - 2'37"

28. BIG BALL IN BOSTON (as previous) - 2'38"

Program recorded on tape by Peter Kennedy in London 1960 and dedicated to the wonderful memory of our true friend and fellow worker, Alan Lomax, who died in a home in Florida, USA, early on Friday morning, July 19th 2002.

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