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We owe a debt of gratitude to James Carpenter, an American College professor. who visited Britain with a disk recording machine,1928-9, and managed to catch 45 of the then surviving shanty-men in Britain. Here is a selection of over 100 shanties, arranged in alphabetical order, and in some cases include variant versions. This cassette is made available by an arrangement with Mr Carpenter made by the late Dr Kenneth Goldstein and by permission of the present archive holders, The American Library of Congress, and is released on the condition that it may only be used for study and research purposes.

1. LOWLANDS (AWAY) William Fender, Barry - 1'30"

2. LUCY ANNA (a) James Dwyer, Glasgow (b) J.S.Scott, London (cry at end) - 1'53"

3. McGUINNESS (or THE HAT McGUINNESS WORE) James Dwyer, Glasgow - 1'19"

4. THE MAID OF AUSTRALIA Robert Yeaman, Dundee - 0'54"

5. MAINSAIL HAUL (or PADDY LAY BACK) John Vass, Shandwick, Invergordon, E.Ross - 1'02"

6. MARY'S ON THE ISLAND Mark Page, Sunderland - 0'39"

7. MIND HOW YOU SWING YOUR TAIL John Middleton, Leith - 0'29"

8. MONEY-O Mark Page, Sunderland - 0'48"

9. NOTHING BUT A HUMBUG Rees Baldwin, Barry - 0'43"

10. THE OAK AND THE ASH (a) William Rennie, S.Shields (first verse) (b) James Forman, Leith (last verse) - 1'03"

11. ONE MORE DAY Andrew Salters, Greenock, Renfrewsh - 0'45"

12. PADDY DOYLE'S BOOTS (a) Andrew Salters, Greenock, Renfrewsh (b) Edward Robinson, Sunderland - 0'34"

13. PADDY WORKS ON THE RAILWAY Mark Page, Sunderland (2 v only) - 0'44"

14. POOR LITTLE LIZA J.B.Scott, London - 0'48"

15. POOR OLD MAN (or THE DEAD HORSE SHANTY) (a) Andrew Salters, Greenock, Renfrewsh (b) James Henderson, Dundee - 1'03"

16. POWDER MONKEY JIM William Rennie, S.Shields - 0'52"

17. RAMBLING THROUGH WAPPING John Ferries, S.Shields - 1'24"

18. RANZO BOYS (a) Walter Eades, Edinburgh (b) Jack Murray, Aberdeen (c) David Atkinson, Glasgow (d) Thomas Carfrae, Sunderland - 1'58"

19. RANZO RAY (a) Jimmy Cronin (b) Jack Murray (c) James Wright, Leith - 1'58"

20. RATCLIFFE HIGHWAY Jimmy Cronin, London - 1'16"

21. RIO GRANDE Mark Page, Sunderland - 0'44"

22. ROLL THE CHARIOT ALONG George Simpson, Dundee - 0'30"

23. ROLL THE COTTON DOWN J.S.Scott, London - 0'46"

24. ROLLING HOME John Macpherson, S.Shields - 0'50"

25. RUN WITH THE BULLGINE, RUN (a) Jack Murray, Aberdeen (b) James Forman. Leith - 1'20"

26. SACRAMENTO J.S.Scott, London - 1'03"

27. THE SAILOR'S ALPHABET (A-H) (a) William Farquhar, Maud, Aberdeenshire (b) William Rennie, S.Shields - 1'24"

28. THE SAILOR'S WAY George Simpson - 1'28"

29. SALLY BROWN (a) J.S.Scott, London (b) Robert Yeaman, Dundee (c) James Henderson, Dundee (d) George Simpson, Dundee - 3'00"

30. SANTY ANNA (a) Jimmy Cronin, London (b) William Fender, Barry - 1'27"

31. SAUCY ROSABELLA J.S.Scott, London - 0'54"

32. SHALLOW BROWN (a) William Fender, Barry (b) John Middleton, Leith (c) Thomas Carfrae, Sunderland (d) Alex Henderson, Dundee - 2'53"

33. SHENANDOAH Jack Murray, Aberdeen - 0'40"

34. SOUTH AUSTRALIA (a) Rees Baldwin, Barry (b) J.S.Scott, London - 2'28"

35. THE STATE OF ALABAMA James Moncrieff, Dundee - 1'29"

36. THE STATELY SOUTHERNER (or PAUL JONES) Rees Baldwin, Barry - 0'40"

37. STORMALONG (a) William Fender, Barry (b) Edward Robinson, Sunderland - 1'16"

38. TALLY-I-O James Wright, Leith - 0'45"

39. TAPSCOTT (a) Rees Baldwin, Barry (b) John Ferries, S. Shields - 1'38"

40. TEN STONE TEN Alex Blue, Greenock - 0'40"

41. TIGER BAY (a) John Ferries, S. Shields (b) James Forman, Leith - 3'54"

42. VICTORIO (a) James Dwyer, Glasgow (b) Andrew Salters, Greenock, Renfrewsh (with chorus) (c) Mark Page, Sunderland - 1'30"

43. WALKALONG, YOU SAUCY ANNA William Fender, Barry - 0'46"

44. WE'RE ALL BOUND TO GO (or HEAVE AWAY, MY JOHNNY) William Fender, Barry - 1'20"

45. WHISKY JOHNNY (a) Mark Page, Sunderland (b) Robert Yeaman, Dundee (c) John Middleton, Leith - 1'35"

46. WINDY OLD WEATHER William Fender, Barry - 0'21"

47. YO, HEAVE HO Jimmy Cronin, London - 1'57"

Recorded by James Carpenter 1928-9. Edited by Peter Kennedy and first published on Folktrax Cassettes 1980.

FTX-035 RATCLIFFE HIGHWAY Shanties of the Seven Seas. Stan Hugill, shantyman, with the crew of "The York and Albany" & Geoff Rose on accordion. Foremost authority on maritime music singing 20 shanties, with spoken introductions. Of special interest are the hitherto unrecorded "Sing-outs" which are improvised shouts or chants.

FTX-205: BLOW, BOYS, BLOW Commander R.F.P.Halliday and Captain A.H.Rasmussen both sailed square-riggers before joining the Navy. 15 shanties and forebitters as well as some good yarns.

FTX-206: MAINSAIL HAUL West Country sailor, Paddy Walsh, with 17 songs, shanties and yarns, recorded by Cyril Tawney in 1960.

FTX-207: MISTER SHELLBACK Bristol shantyman, Stanley Slade, recorded in 1950, shortly before his death. 11 shanties sung unaccompanied and 10 with chorus. 8 are sung with accordion.

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